Designing a bridge should be an act of reflection and a creative act at the same time. Nothing prevents ques- tioning more criteria than the technical or financial ones.


The result is often an adequate and unifying project.


Les Bouvets footbridge, La Défense, France 2012

A hidden suspended walkway in the La Défense business district in Paris with a steel cable-stayed bridge-type structure, but with a layer of curved cables.


Optimization of support reactions and dynamic behavior. Study of the deviators which maintain the geometry of the cables.


Sophisticated equipment, granite paving directly placed on the steel structure.


Monitoring of steel and concrete frame work on site.

LEDEF1 copy.jpg

Footbridge in Yangzhou, China 2010

Designed and built in Yangzhou City Shipyard. Two sheets of steel shaped and connected by stiffeners like a boat hull. The whole embedded in the banks without intermediate span to reveal the work of the material in its pure form.


Drawings and calculations done in a week for construction in just a few months.


Bath Quays Bridge, UK 2021 (expected)

Two curved Vierendeel beams supporting a wooden deck. The continuity of the whole is ensured by full penetration welds between the uprights and the upper and lower fibers.

Detail design carried out in Paris and checked in UK by local partner Webb Yates.

Dynamic studies showing a complex behavior mainly due to the curved geometry. Dampers are designed and integrated into the initial geome- try.

Important work with the city of Bath to obtain the “planning consent”.

Hainan Island bridge, China 2014

The construction of an artificial island in the capital of the Hainan island (Haikou) requires the installation of a connecting bridge, 2 km long and 50 m wide. We propose to sequences this crossing and to transform the central sequence into a place where one can stop.

Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 16.17.50.png

The inhabited bridge of Hainan offers in its central part a struc- ture that can accommodate several functions in a modular way. By definition the project is renewable.


The implementation of such a project requires a very important work of cumulative explanation with very specific technical com- plexities.


Unfortunately, the bankruptcy of the company promoting the ur- ban development of the island put a definitive end to the project. The first piers of the access viaducts were under construction at that time.